‘Ask me no more, for fear I should reply (Housman)…..
I got a call from a friend telling me he is getting a divorce and I felt pretty bad for him. I was consoling my friend and I was thinking about life today, actually a lot lately. Today I confessed to someone as I couldn’t hurt him but not sure if it were a good idea tho. I mean I think if someone is happy, who am I to throw a wrench. One time my friend Jack told me he would like to fall in love once before he dies… by that what he meant was that to fall head over heels in love with a person and that love being reciprocated. But I think, it’s more important to find someone who pays attention to me; who runs his fingers over my every scar and ask me where each one came from; to find someone who knows how i like my coffee; and what song makes me to roll down my car window and slam hard on the gas pedal and sing wildly into the night; to find someone who takes in my smallest details and who notices the things no one ever notices.
And then…when I find him…
be his someone as well
And one was fond of me: and all are slain’ (by Housman)” “love and fishing. Sooner or later it all comes to the same thing. The one that got away !” – Endeavour