I had stressful weekend because my baby Bastet was sick again. I put her right back on antibiotics and syringe feeding her and this morning she started eating on her own a little and i was like “praise be to heavens”; I was researching why she is having these problems (her heart problem is secondary) and of course i’m a scientist and i should be able to diagnose. So i poured over her ultra sound results, her medical history and i figured out her problem and i requested the medication from her vet (the hospital is an hour away from my home)… and when i got home i see this pretty little face peeking at me from behind a door and then she came out and met me and when i tried to pick her up she ran off as fast as her little legs could carry as if to say, come and play chase with me. made me so happy my eyes teared up and i fed my kids, gave medicine to the relevant ones and i have to do things before i go to fetch her medicine & i bunked the gym today… and then i had to deal with these slow drivers who pick up speed the moment i go past them, i think they are like”she is a girl, we got passed by a girl and how dare she, etc. etc., ” and so i get into unwanted, and unofficial drag racing and of course i always win because remember i am a good driver with a fast car and this evening was no different this guy was driving like a great grandpa doing 20 in a 45 mph zone and i got no patience for that what with i have to do 101 chores before i go to bed and so i coolly overtook him and he got aggravated and he was honking at me and i was like “F U” and sped off leaving him in dust. And then I left to get my baby’s medicine and i really was anxious because it’s supposed to rain and i could get stuck or get flooded and anyone who knows Rt. 252 and Rt. 30 would know these problems… and I was thinking about this video on Psalm 121 ( which I posted and I was like, surely God will be there to protect me and my kids…I get home driving in pouring rain, driving through flooded roads with nil vision and of course, once i got home, the rain stopped and so i decided i will go and get some french fries from mcDonald’s as i have to eat and got no stamina to cook and i go to the main road which now have,three accidents near my home obviously after i got home and i can’t thank God enough for His protection.. It is good to remember that when we should cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7)