Jack is my best friend,and he and I are very close and thick as thieves I usually work out with him and Friday evening he and I had dinner and it’s been ages since we got together.because we were quite busy for various reasons. My gym has two locations and i prefer one and Jack prefers the other but we both alternate between these two locations. Jack and I are different in every sense, I am a conservative, he is a liberal, I’m a Christian and he is an atheist, etc. So apparently, some guys at Jack’s gym have been inquiring about me and expressed interest to date me and Jack was telling me this and he is like, “Shanthi some people at the gym want to go out with you but i think you should go out with S because i like him. And since last time you saw him, he toned up and he is quite ripped.” I am like who is he and Jack is like “you would remember him once you see him.. and you did talk to him but at that time he had a girl friend and now he doesn’t” and then he proceeded to give me his bio: he is never married, he has a dog and i know it’s imp for you to go out with a person who believes in God and he does and i think he dumped his girl friend because he started liking you and he is really nice and he is very outgoing and he is smart, etc, etc” and by this time the waiter was curious, the people next to our table were curious and I was curious and am deeply in thought trying to recall this guy and then Jack says “you should go out with him because he already saw you at the gym in your gym clothes and sweaty but when you go out with him, i think you should dress up !” and that cracked me up and i was laughing hysterically and so are the other people who were drawn into this story and may i mention that i already created drama in front of the restaurant because i have to parallel park and yours truly can’t and so i waited for Jack to come with my car almost perpendicular to the parking space and thus slowed the traffic and Jack then parallel parked my car and so every one in the restaurant thought i am a silly person. I promised Jack that I will consider going out with him but any guy who wants to go out with me should meet three requirements which I don’t compromise on. 1. Should believe in God and go to church with me 2. Must love cats and he should know that i come as a package deal with cats. 3. should make me laugh and engage me in a good conversation. A lot of guys want to go out with me but seriously fall short. Jack doesn’t know what this guy thinks about cats tho., but well, stay tuned.. I will post an update !!