So… I’ve been putting off state inspection for my car and I only remember it when I see a police car on my travels and then I cringe and hastily mutter to myself….”don’t let him notice my sicker”… so far it worked.. but today was a long day and after sabbath worship services, and lunch, I was getting home from church and I got stopped and I knew what he was stopping me for, as I wasn’t speeding for a change, much to my misery (do you know how boring it is to drive at prescribed speed limit ?), due to heavy traffic. But today is Sabbath and I was like oh no I am gonna get ticket, as I always make it a point that no one works for me like landscapers, house cleaners, handymen, etc. during sabbath hours and I’ve fired landscapers for that reason as well. And so when the police came up to me and he is like.. “my name is ….  and I’m recording audio-visually, etc.” and I didn’t quite catch that and I’m like what did you say ? you went too fast  and he actually laughed out loud and went slower this time and is like… you know your state inspection sticker is expired, why is that ? I went “because I’ve been forgetting in general until I see a police car” and then I proceeded to tell him, can you please not give me a ticket as today is Sabbath and went into the general discourse about my Sabbath rules. I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy but he went back to his car to do the routine whatever they do, after looking at my registration and insurance and came back with a form and told me that I need to get the inspection done in 15 business days and I’m like what is the date of the 15th business day and he is like I don’t have a calendar to which I wrinkled my nose and he is like “or I can give you a ticket”… le bastard ! so I got the form and he is like “do you have any questions for me” to which we both stared at each other and we laughed so hard the passing cars positively slowed down to look at us …… !