So Thursday evenings are one long race trying to get things done as I usually spend my Friday evenings preparing meals for Sabbath before sun goes down… so Thursdays it’s like go home, feed kids, eat dinner, go food shopping for them, food shopping for me (usually for Sabbath meals), get gas in the car, deposit the shopping at the house, take the rubbish to the curb for the rubbish people, run to ballet class, go to gym for an hour, go home, shower and get in bed… but today when I went home I had no food to consume and so I decided I’ll drop by my local pub (I haven’t been here before) and pick something up and so I marched in and then I realized I forgot my glasses and so I asked the girl to read the menu for me… she is like where are your glasses….. and I pointed out my car to her and am like do you see those blinking lights… that’s my car and the glasses are inside… after she and I laughed a good five mins, I ordered a veggie burger and I am pleased to say that 1. The veggie burger was edible 2. This is a newly opened pub and I can walk to it. 3. I can have nice Irish tea sitting outside on the roadside as I swear I’ll get buzzed just by inhaling the alcoholic fumes inside the pub. I always wanted an English tea shop at the end of a road near my house, this is no English tea shop but close enough !