It means “Truce”. But Netflix in its wisdom only known to itself, translated this as “The Break”. Go figure ! I usually watch a lot of foreign TV shows, or movies, then comes Britcoms, or movies and recently have been watching a lot of Scandinavian. La Trêve is a Belgian murder mystery in French with some Flemish interspersed. At times it seemed to go around on its tail a lot but in the end it is a good one. The title song, which I linked captivated me the most and at first I thought it was in French or Flemish and I was trying to listen hard to the words as I understand French and I was speechless when I found out that it is actually in English. I mean, I kept hearing English in the song but you know, I thought it just had some English words.

I have been working very hard like going to bed around 1 a.m. ish and getting up by 5 a.m. and so when I found myself in bed by 10 p.m. I didn’t know what I should do and so I binge watched this show. I think I also watched a movie but I don’t much remember as I watched it with very deep sleepladen eyes.

I will now sing praises of my new job and my new boss. She is fabulous. The entire department is fabulous and they are bending over backwards to keep me happy so I won’t leave the job. It was a refreshing change for me as my previous job really wreaked havoc with my system, knocking the wind out of my sails and I almost became a racist and thank God I left in time. I hold no grudges though because it only reflects on them as to what they are and not on me as my present company happily would vouch for me. And more importantly I realized that happiness is the ultimate goal for me, and while grief and sadness is inevitable, we don’t have to dwell on them. My current boss actually sings when she needs to call me. SINGS !! and she is already on my case to find a man and gave me a lecture about being alone and the downside of it. I smiled and told her that not many men would want me as I have type A personality and that I don’t need a man to take care of me, and I need a man who would care for me. But alas, I intimidate 99.9% of men because I am intelligent and I work hard to get ahead and puny men can’t get it. And where would I find men like my husband or my previous lover. Like my father used to say, it takes a lot of sieving to find a diamond from all the dust.

I recently provided to God an updated list of traits in a man I would like to meet and date which includes the man should be Sabbath keeper, intelligent, should study Bible with me, must love books and should be an avid reader and that he should play piano. Last Sabbath, this kid (29) played a beautiful piece of Creole hymn which he said, made it his own and I am chasing after him to get me a copy of that piece (him playing). I can truly say that, that piece is haunting me.

I have some very silly fears like heights, injections, but confronting frogs would be the scariest one. But lately I have been feeling the fear of missing out which is a like a wet blanket around my shoulders, seeping its coldness into my bones and freezing me from inside out.

I have an amazing group of friends (fewer than most of you probably) but the quality is what counts. They are crazy about me but I am missing out on that. Past few years were horrible with personal things, health things and family drama and overall drama but it should be like that. I am a quality woman and i seek quality things and so I often cocoon myself in my bed and just spend time with books and cats; I am thinking I should make an effort to spend some quality time with my friends as well. Value the time with friends.

Like the other night I went out for a cup of coffee with Good News Girl and she wouldn’t stop hugging me and I felt so special. I will do what I can to get her into my current company. Jack and I went to BJs recently as I buy my paper towels from there. I go through a lot of paper towels because of my kitty family and Jack started looking at the clothes and so I also started looking at them; let me pause here and tell you something. Please don’t think that I am being an elitist or anything because of what I am about to tell you. I only do things like these because it saves me a lot of time. I buy clothing from Bloomingdales, etc and to a lesser extent from Saks or Macy’s. I have my personal shopping assistant and so I usually make an appointment with them and when I go there, they show me the clothes and I try them on and buy them or not buy them. So when I was looking at the clothes, I have no idea what I am doing, and a pair of over the boot cuff socks and a pair of panties caught my eyes and so I picked them up and bought them. So the next day when I tried them on imagine my surprise, as I was swimming in these panties. I am no longer a petite woman and I still was engulfed in them and so I started laughing hysterically and I wore them that night when I went to gym to work out with Jack and I told him what happened and needless to say we were rofling with the rest of the gym members. It felt really good to laugh after such a long time.

I haven’t noticed it, but apparently I am wearing a smile even without realizing it as I went into a store to buy a bottle of water and this lady in the store said, you have a very pretty smile. I was startled but I said thank you. While I was going to the subway station to catch my train, a passerby said, your scarf is beautiful.

And this morning, after I parked my car I was daintily skipping on the train tracks to get to the stop and I slipped and almost fell as I stepped on this black ice. I have a fabulous balance and so I didn’t fall but all the fellow passengers screamed and were like we were scared for you as two trains were approaching from opposite side. These are just tiny little things which please me a lot and bring warmth to my soul. If you don’t mind the cold one bit, Winter is such a beautiful season as it brings such crispness to life.

In all this I must thank God. And this verse became a favorite of mine all of a sudden. So often when things happen that are beyond our control, we despair and feel hopeless. We start complaining and murmuring and end up limiting God . Habakkuk was in a similar situation. There was destruction all around. That’s when the Lord comforted him saying, “for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you  Habakkuk 1:5

I have no idea what God is about to do in my life. But I am prepared to be amazed, and watch how God will work in ways we can’t imagine. And ps. January is almost over and hello February !