Dear blog, I haven’t forgotten you and I have things to write and things to say but I have been working non-stop since December and I am not complaining because I kept asking God for great things, and He put me in right places and He trusted me with lots of responsibilities and yes I am tired but I am super happy and content but I haven’t forgotten my God and I’ve given the Lord the GPS to navigate my future because the journey that is ahead will not be an easy one !! But I also know that my Savior got this and He got me !

When we really, and I mean really stop to just read this verse, and ponder it, there is just such a peace and a calm that comes from knowing He is ever present, and near.

God in His still small voice says, “Hey, it’s gonna be alright, it’ll be ok. Stop worrying, and just know that I got this.”

We serve a Mighty Mighty God indeed ! Have a happy and productive new week !!