Coucou blog ! Allow me to introduce you to my kittyboy Cuddles. He is a gentleman and when I give him a bath, he stands quietly against a wall and lets me wash him. Also, in the middle of the night, he loves sitting on top of my dresser, and staring at himself in the mirror and I often catch him doing this.

Hope you all had a fantastic start for this year. My year started with deadlines and reading a lot of legal stuff and lot of financial analysis both personal and for work.

It’s snowing softly and the whole world (or around my neighborhood) is asleep except me and I am also watching Futurama and the outside looks so peaceful and so beautiful. Nature is so wonderful and when I see scenes like these, it makes me feel worthwhile to be alive. Even when we have those freezing rain episodes ! the world instantly freezes over and the ice transforms everything into clinking glass. The hard ice on the bare trees and branches and plants and utility wires looks so beautiful and it instantly melts even a stone cold heart; well this beauty can be headachy if anyone wants to go out.

Has been working nonstop since two weeks working till wee hours in the morning and having skype meetings and when I shut my eyes all I could see are numbers. Because of the immense size of my data my excel program kept crashing and at any point I had minimum of 10 excel files open. Anyway, good news is tomorrow I am filing the data and so I can rest at least till Monday. Have a spa date on Sunday and so I can relax thoroughly.

It’s about 1 am and I am relaxing as my brain is still f@$ked up and I feel like having an existential crisis so I can dissociate myself.

I am a work in progress veganwise (dairy free) with an exception of me having cream in my coffee and eggs…. Nobody including me messes with my coffee and I want it just so and it involves cream and sugar and a protocol. I always keep eggs in the house as it’s my rescue food for protein. And I also found out that my “eating out” days are numbered and I need to find vegan restaurants and I know only one so far. So yours truly is making her own meals which consists of lots of dal (lentils), fruits and veggies. Well hopefully this will improve my breathing and surprisingly my breathing is much better now a days. Haven’t been to gym in ages and hopefully I will go on Sunday and torture my body.

Speaking of torture, the other day I was in NYC to work with Paula and we were taking a break from our analyses and so we sat in the café and discussing about the basic economics of spending a million to make $10k and the worthwhileness of it all. Paula has taught me all about business and being business savvy and I recently am wondering if I should work for a nonprofit in finance department to learn those mechanisms but, damn they pay so little and I am wondering if its even worthwhile.

Anyway as usual I went off on a different tangent. But there we were Paula and I discussing and this guy from next table joins our conversation and tries to best us or something and he is like “I like numbers too and see that big number over there I can multiply all those numbers in a few secs and tell you the answer” and this in his thick “Nuu York accent if you know whadd I mean”. Paula and I looked at each other and laughed and I am sorry but he is a first class moron. Firstly we don’t care about his multiplication skills and secondly there’s a big fat zero in that string of numbers and any one with more than two neurons would know that anything multiplied by a zero is a zero. If you think I am contemptuous about stupidity, wait till you meet Paula ! If you have an IQ below 140 she will emasculate you in two seconds and she taught me that very well and so Paula and I happily emasculated him and left !! Well that was the entertainment I had since couple of weeks ago when I went to the movie with Robbie.

Robbie is one of mummers and last year I went to see him in person but this year as I was working I stayed home and had them on TV and at the end of the day I texted him to find out where he was and when their team is gonna be marching and he was like we already went and texted me his costumed selfie. And oh, I have “borrowed” the book “slouching towards Bethlehem” from Robbie which I gave him as a gift… lol

All this is causing my cat Anubis some heartache and he is royally feeling neglected and so whenever I am on the phone or on skype he would make his presence known by meowing loudly and he also started purposefully knocking down the coffee cups, or moisturizer jars or coke cans or anything else off the table and then he gives me a stare. Paula laughs every time he speaks. One day I was in a skype meeting with a bunch of people and Anubis and Minnu started climbing me like I am the Everest and I was talking away as if nothing is wrong as I am used to my kids walking all over me but everyone else thought it’s adorable. This is one of the reasons why I can’t work from home.

My friends from the job which I just left keep texting me telling me how much they miss me (aww, right ?) and Good News girl sends me “undeliverable” message of her email to me everyday as she keeps emailing me (to that office address) and tells me how sad she is. In return I keep emailing her one of my photos. We are all making plans to go out and have dinner one of these days and that’s something which is worth making plans.

Oooh, it’s almost 1:30 am and I should be in bed as I have to get up at 4 and check the numbers before we file the documents. So good night and et cetera !

Au Revoir blog !