How cool is God though !

Hello ! My desire to pack my bag and get on a plane to one of the Scandinavian countries got reignited and I still have to make my passport. So I put that in my to do pile for this week, but I have a feeling that I won’t get to it.

It’s been a blast for the past few days. My ballet performances went well and I haven’t tripped or anything and my ankle behaved; while I was changing into my costume, my teacher came in to check on our makeup and I was standing there clad only in my panties and ballet tights and she regarded my body and she is like, finally a ballerina body is coming out and keep doing whatever you are doing; I was happy and honestly I can’t wait to wean myself off this stupid steroid;

I am declaring 2017 as year of selfcare and selflove and decided to make further changes in my diet; eat not only cleaner but eat things at their optimal nutrition and bring my vitals to optimal level rather than keeping them at normal. I am happy to report that I am now regularly taking my turmeric concoction. Much to the entertainment of my friends, the first two days I took it, I puked it out immediately but now I can hold it in. my aesthetician ordered another chlorophyll powder which I am to ingest before bed time. I have decided I will take the first step towards becoming vegan and so I am laying off all the dairy products and substitute coconut sugar to the white sugar.

Last night I went to bed thinking I would wake up as late as possible this morning and so when I checked the time when I woke up I wasn’t least bit surprised to see that it’s 4 am. My brain does this all the time. Later I went shopping for my chanel foundation as when I came home on Tuesday my bottle was broken and none of my kitties owned up to it and I ended up blowing $800 on things of no value like shoes and a business suit.

I made Tuesday my last day of work at this place I worked for the past few months and I was kicking myself why I made Tuesday my last day as I was miserable getting up on Tuesday as on Monday night I had to attend a dinner in NYC with my former boss, attorneys and other important people to network and Paula kind of wanted me to meet these venture capitalists and I got home in the wee hours (as I have a cat with diabetes and I have to give him insulin around 6 am). Had a blast saying goodbyes to my friends and I made a few cry and goodnews girl decided she won’t come to see me off as she would cry and then I found out that a few people had bets on how long I would last in this place before I run away and it was hysterical. I laughed and said why tell me now could you not have said this like day 2 or something and we laughed and I was threatened that if I don’t keep in touch they will find me.

One of the ladies (she is white) wanted me to watch this Hindi movie, The Hindi movie is based on Pride and Prejudice (the movie is titled Bride and Prejudice so duh). I promised her that I will watch the movie and will give her my review. She told me that I remind her of Elizabeth and she thinks that I am headstrong like Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice) and I have to admit it though. But I wouldn’t call it headstrong I would call it “I am very opinionated” as I am a very intelligent, sexy and mysterious woman. So bite me.

It’s like having summer holidays and my room is full of books, and cats and candles and flowers and new skincare products and soft towels and I decided I would just lounge about sexily in my living room and read books and cuddle my kitties and have dinners with friends and just have a lazy and fun time till much awaited 2017 and sleep late tomorrow as I have no obligations or work or anywhere to be and certainly no adulting and it’s just dreamy time till new year.


photo credit: Bryan Daugherty (norway)