Good morning. I am home and don’t have to run anywhere and I had a lengthy and large breakfast with Robbie and I am still sleepy but the weather is nice, and this whole day is gonna be nice. Though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I love this season where the trees come alive with lights and it is so romantic to just walk through the streets lit only by the strings of these lights and to be shown way home.

I am excited for all the new things in my life and grateful to God for all the wonder in my life. Had a long chat with Robbie yesterday night (he stayed the night) about my beliefs and ahem, premarital sex and he was cool. He was like “I know you would say something like this because you love your boy JC (Jesus Christ) way too much”. Lol and he said we can just hang out without having sex because I just like hanging out and which is great to my hear.

I recently found out that there’s an island off the coast of Maryland where apparently wild horses running around. That’s where I want to be that’s what I want to be. An island of wild horses or a wild horse on an island.

I am chilling and watching some news on fox and they showed a bit of vid of Mariah Carey which she released re. Christmas where it shows that she is dancing (sort of) around the kitchen and the one of her kids also dancing and she was in bedroom outfit and I was wondering why Mariah Carey always looks so classless with more than half her boobs hanging out (I kid you not. check out her photos) and the fox guy is like “she is always has some sort of lingerie on.”  And the lady on fox goes “I don’t think she has any clothes. It’s all lingerie” and the dude goes “Poor thing”…. Haha

Yesterday evening I got my body stretched and massaged thoroughly and today I am getting, bleached, waxed & polished.  I have a performance tomorrow night and two on Christmas day and I am excited. I have no grand plans for this weekend apart from hanging out with friends and eating and resting and watching Doctor Who on Christmas night.

So here’s to a very long weekend of doing nothing and getting pampered, rejuvenated and yes of course to eating a lot and getting ready for 2017 with or without lingerie