Sometimes my life is like this as depicted above; like this cat in rain but with a beautiful yellow umbrella. I’m deliciously exhausted but surprisingly refreshed. Since a week now I have been going to bed at 1 a.m. and waking up by 5 a.m. and I thought at any moment I would drop off to sleep, but I was ok. The week was extremely productive which was a plus.

Regarding ginger: Last Sabbath (Dec 3) I woke up because I couldn’t breathe and I immediately took my inhaler which made my breathing worse and I thought I would actually pass out. After struggling for a half an hour to catch my breath and waiting for the inhaler to kick in and once it gave me a bit of my breath back, I slowly made my way to the kitchen to take a dose my rescue inhaler (which I left on the table the previous night… BIG mistake); Once I got my breathing back or something remotely resembling, I was thinking if I died no one would know and by the time anyone would miss me, I would be a puddle of melted flesh. While I don’t care much about dying (in fact I welcome it), my cats keep me going as I am worried about my babies and that they would get put down if anything happens to me.  I am trying to find someone who would take up that responsibility other than my vet and Robbie so far comes close as he  loves cats in spite of his allergies.

But I digress as usual. After church I was chatting with one of the ladies (who is a nurse) and I was telling her about my asthma episode that morning and that I don’t mind dying, and that my body adjusted to the steroid dose I am currently taking and that I need to increase etc. and she laughed and said, “how many times did you die to say that you don’t care about dying ? are you like Lazarus ?” and then she said why don’t I try eating raw ginger and that she heard another church member doing this (SDAs are big on naturally taking care of health without complicating life with prescription medicines etc.) and so she is like eat it and you will find relief like the inhaler but without side effects. So after Sabbath was concluded, I went and bought some ginger and contemplated my life and why must I be eating this to feel better as ginger is like Ugh, so spicy and tastes nasty and oh, I also bought a very sweet cake and so I ate a piece of ginger and made faces while chewing it and immediately followed it up with the cake; while the ginger is really atrocious in taste I was so surprised that my lungs opened up almost immediately and my sinuses got clear and believe it or not it’s been a week since I have been chewing on ginger and not once I felt the need to take my inhaler(s). When I get up I eat a piece of ginger (making faces) and I continue to chew up every time I hear the crinkling and raspy noises from my lungs and God I hope this is really working and that I am not fooling myself.

So anyway, now I am carrying with me a piece of ginger in a ziplock bag and when I went to work on  Tuesday, one of my co-workers wasn’t in the previous day and she said that she got sick and is getting cough and cold and so I gave her a piece of ginger (lol) and I think she took it for being polite but as I kept checking with her “did you eat it yet ?”, she finally ate it and she now is hooked on ginger like I am and believe me it’s not because of it’s taste. I was telling someone the other day as I actually was “high” on oxygen because my lungs are quite clear now and I am breathing and my brain is getting a lot more  oxygen. I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s how I have been since a few years now and I am actually happy that I am putting something natural into my body which gives me no side-effects.

I am now acting as the “ginger supplier” to my co-workers as another girl also has this terrible allergies and she was telling me that she is gonna try ginger as well and she is like “it tastes nasty but I am gonna buy some from the market”. We are now a happy ginger munching family.

I am now thinking of drinking curcumin (turmeric) in a glass of warm water and I knew about this for a few years now as when I was in Ph.D. program one of our professor who taught us micro was talking about this and how it has cancer fighting qualities but I haven’t followed it up as same reason: nasty taste…. But we (Indians) use it in almost all our curries and my problem is that I don’t cook at home, indian cuisine or other. But I am preparing my body to drink up this cocktail… blech.. eek

My ballet teacher has been kind to me and letting me dance and my ankle is still sore in spite of my stretches and advils but as long as I take advil I am ok with dancing and so my ballet teacher is not gonna pull me out and she said that I need to address this issue once the performances are done (three) and I got demoted to snowflake (from the queen) so I will be a snow flake and waltz to my heart’s content in the nutcracker but I don’t care as I am dancing… and the good news on ginger thing is I probably am gonna rapidly lose the weight which I constantly fight because of the steroids (you know steroids are lipogenic and lipocentric)

Sure enough this “girl” who I added on skype turned out to be.. ummm, one of those people and I have a funny feeling that it’s a bot rather than a human on a phishing expedition and in any event, she (it) was like “I’m 24f with round attributes”. Nobody flipping cares, lady ! I got me some round attributes too and damn magnificent ones as well.

The other day when I was on train I heard this couple talking and I usually have headphones blasting my music so I can’t hear anyone but this lady started smiling and clearly wanted to have a convo and so I removed my sunglasses and my earphones to chat with her; (yes I do wear sunglasses even at night time so I can observe people and also sometimes to hide my pain);  while she and I were talking this guy was telling me that he doesn’t want to upgrade his internet because he didn’t want his wife using it more and because he doesn’t want his house messy and his dinner done  and ready on the table; does he flipping know that he is actually chatting with a feminist ? I wanted to tell this lady to run or better yet, kick him out of the house and that I will help. But she has this sweetest smile possible and she is telling me how she like interior decoration and likes to arrange florals etc and the guy rudely interjects “oh she likes playing with flowers like a little girl”. I encouraged her to continue to do it and may be to put advertisements up for her services or join a floral shop. She was a lovely woman. But I was really really upset and my only comfort was when I got home, and I was talking to Robbie about this and he then ranted for a good half an hour about what a “F@$%ing A@@^%^” the man was and that he didn’t deserve to even be around women. Good men still exist. That’s enough !

Speaking of men, I bumped into ‘blue walls” the other day and I must say my heart ached and I got teary eyed. I rambled on with my friends; saying everything I can but the thing I wanted to say. It’s a burning need to be heard without having to say anything. How did I ever get here ? Why do I even need this ? Why do I even care for this person ?

In a related news, how to deal with disappointment: a guide by Shanthi

  • eat coconut ice cream (vegan)
  • blast all the sad songs possible while dusting the invisible cobwebs
  • cry profusely

On Thursday I went and had dinner with these boys from work and it was hysterical; boys are really gross in a funny way because they can talk nothing but body functions and all the gross stuff; my food was vegetarian and I was trying to get them to taste and they are like not in this life time and they wanted me to taste this tentacle stuff (ceviche calamari) and I was like only if you taste my veggie stuff and I had quickly take it back as they were all  ready to eat the vegetarian meal.  One of the boys had a 50,000 peso note on him and I transacted it to $$ as I like collecting stamps and currency of various countries.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my Sabbath (Dec. 9) and the health seminar and how wonderful it all was but that has to wait as I am planning to go and soak in my tub with a book and coffee and then melt into my bed.

Good night yo !

(pic credit: idk who to give credit but it ain’t mine; i just love cats, ok ? )