It’s kind of chilly today and I woke up with a headache this morning on account the sun came into my room rude and uninvited, plus Paula’s texts woke me up at 3 in the morning (we are still going through the reconciliations as we speak and now my beautiful spreadsheet is almost at 29,000 rows) which I should have ignored but I decided I would text her back which led my struggling to go back to sleep and so now here I am nursing a migraine and the comforter which I have on my legs isn’t helping me either as it is still wet; I did my laundry (laughs) and my comforter hasn’t dried properly and so my feet are freezing. And I think there are couple of more loads of my kitties’ blankets need to be washed and I need to run to the store to buy food for the next week esp. coffee; I probably would have put off the shopping but for the coffee and I so desperately need a housekeeper.

I wanted to have dinner with Jack but he got admitted to hospital as apparently he passed out this morning and he is still in ER as they are trying to find out if he had an heart episode and I am worried sick as he is my friend and I love him so much and what am I going to do for dinner ?

To the person who asked me what books I am currently reading: I am working on the God of small things by Arundhati Roy, and Murakami’s Windup Bird Chronicle…. I am planning to buy or check out “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” by Joan Didion soon. I also borrowed a book “The Word-Carrying Giant” by Creighton Lacy.  And Oh btw, the cutest boy I met the other day also reads as I saw him again and he was carrying a book which he pretended to read while giving me sidelooks. Boys are so dumb sometimes.

Robbie got us tickets to Star Wars : Rogue One !! Major accomplishment and we are set and I just can’t wait as Robbie and I were drooling to watch this movie since last year and December 19 can’t come fast enough !

The photo is a still art collaboration by Goodnews girl and me. The other day she emailed me asking me that she is hanging out with a cake and only that the cake doesn’t know she doesn’t want to hangout and asked me if I wanted the pumpkin cake; I said only if he doesn’t come with cinnamon; and so later on she brought the cake on a greeting card someone gave her and in her department and we thought this was an adorable idea and decided to make most of it and I just plopped a stapler and my inhaler and made it an art work and we squealed ! I also showed her the rare antique bible we just received and she decided she will take photos of me with the Bible as I invested so much into this project and when we looked at the photos I said “my boobs look huge” as they did because of the angle and she said “somehow your boobs and this Bible goes very well together” and we both died laughing !!

My colleague said to me don’t you get bored doing the cataloguing and I am like “ummm, never ! books are my friends and I honestly won’t know what to do with myself if I have nothing to read and I will perish out of boredom” ! I also recently came across a reference to The Saint John’s Bible which was put together by a Calligrapher Donald Jackson and he said “The continuous process of remaining open and accepting of what may reveal itself through hand and heart on a crafted page is the closest I have ever come to God.” What a beautiful Bible and art work ! His work kind of reminded me of this Japanese artist whose name eludes me at this moment.

The gallery is set to be open in 2017 and I will be there in line to look at it with my own eyes….here’s their link

I was telling my friend about this as well and we just were in love with his rendition of the biblical passages and I have been thinking of doing bible journaling for sometime now and so I am gonna buy both of us this kit to do bible journaling and be creative for a change and find another unique way to get closer to God.

Yesterday at church we were singing “To God Be The Glory” and Jonathan kept replacing people with my name and I couldn’t help but laugh.

After church, the pastor got hold of me and he is like come find me after your duties. I do the deposits for the church offerings and so I found him after I finished the counting of the monies and he wanted to go over the life center our church is doing and that we need to work on that. I was telling him about the recent project which I wanted to start regarding the famine in Africa and that I wanted to help or die trying. So now he wants me to think and see if I can align this project with the life center we are doing because one of the other projects in our church is bringing in refugees (we already started on that) and I am thinking this is cool. So now I have to work on three business models and merging two of them into one project while keeping the malaria project on the side. I need all the prayers and all the help I could get as he wants to get back together on 31st of this year because by that time, the 501(3)c papers would have been filed (they are with the lawyers right now) and I am really excited on this front as I feel useful and that I get to serve God. I am good at running organizations and working on the financials and I have backup support from Paula and the church’s support and I just need God’s stamp on this and I am good to go come 2017 and yay !

After we had lunch and while waiting for the Young Adults meeting to start, the kids and I were singing Christmas songs and it was just awesome. Next Sabbath we have this health seminar and I think  we are as ready as possible and I am looking forward to pull this off to God’s glory and I do hope lot of people visit us from our neighborhood. This is kind of a rehearsal thing as I also want to organize a three day health screening on a city wide scale and get a lot more doctors to volunteer and may be do it in an arena like wells fargo center and reach more people and screen more people but that is for 2017. Meanwhile we are taking baby steps and hopefully we learn what mistakes we are making.

My ankle is still sore and my ballet teacher caught on to it and now I am probably gonna get sidelined unless my pain goes away and so I am stretching here and stretching there and stretching everywhere slightly yowling, like at the trolley stops, while waiting at the coffee station, while gasing up my car and doing the midnight runs to the store to buy food.

I also got an abusive phone call from my aesthetician asking me to get myself into his salon at once to get my skin massaged, toned, bleached, waxed, polished. I probably have an inch thick of dead cells which needs to get sloughed off and he is right, I have been neglecting my appearance a bit.

I am sipping on my sparkling lemon juice slowly contemplating on my day and what movie I should watch on Netflix.  December generally puts me off and makes me melancholic. But I haven’t ever felt such strong nonchalance towards December like this one. It’s winter and I kind of just want to disappear in the grey fog and re-read the Bell Jar. No Christmas, New Year, Parties, the merry-go-round of socializing. I wanna curl up and cocoon myself in my sheets and watch Netflix for the next three months. Somehow it seems poetic…. White-sheeted hibernation with just cats, books, coffee and occasionally Netflix.