This is for someone who asked me to tell him something pretty: “Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from one another”….

Sunday has been a fun night. I finally went out with Robbie to the movie Doctor Strange (as I love Benedict Cumberbatch) and I have a feeling that I have shamelessly used Robbie to go to this movie. Robbie recently had a birthday and he turned 30 and yes, he is way younger than I’m, but that’s the fun part. He is emotionally solid though and he reads books !! He recently went through a bit of a traumatic experience with his female room-mate and he was bleating how much he missed me, and so I felt sorry for him, plus it’s his birthday and so… why not ? Movie was superb and I usually watch sci-fi movie at least two or three times, and so I am now making plans to rewatch the movie with the boys I hang out with at work.

Sunday was the day before super moon show, but it was ok as moon was bright and gorgeous and so after the movie we went for a little drag racing and it was fun. Robbie told me that he voted for Hillary by holding his nose LOL and I forgave him for that.

I got my fire place going and i had a few blankets down and my kitties and I plop in front of the fire place just lounging and reading books and the crackling of the fire is a music to my ears…. The shadows dancing and the fire warm and inviting and I usually fall asleep in front of it.

I saw a neat little meme about books today. “real books have curves” to say that kindle isn’t worth it. And this is true, give me books any day… I am so in love with books, they just make me happy and fill me with joy. The other day I was at the store and this couple and their daughter (Indians) were shopping and the little girl was so much like me…. She had one hand on the cart and with the other she was holding a book and reading while the parents were shopping and she moved with the cart without taking her eyes off of her precious book… I smiled and honestly, I was her once and summer holidays were such fun for me as I would wake up and run out and up a mango tree with my orange cat (who might as well had been a puppy) and I stayed there till my mum threatened to skin me if I didn’t come down at once and eat my supper; much to my mother’s chagrin, the only thing feminine (at any age) was me dancing and for everything else, I was a tom boy and I always had skinned and scabbed knees and scratches and torn dresses and bloody noses and my mum thought they would have to pay a lot of dowry to get rid of me and I was like if any guy demands dowry for me I will break his legs and for a while I carried a cricket bat with me; and oh I love reading and I did that everywhere and when I was growing up I so badly wanted glasses so i can wear them and keep pushing them up my nose if they slip… now I do wear glasses but my glasses stay on my nose and not slip. curses !

Some guy asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I naturally said books. And he said “just books ?” and I am like… yes of course ! books make me f$%ing soar & what part of it don’t you get it ? And think about it; they’re tickets to other worlds, a relief, & a somewhere else while I’m still here. so yes, just books, please & give me my own infinite amount of mini universes to feel through, learn through & to taste.

Well, winter is almost here again and give me stockings and blazers and large coffees and reading in bed all day under my comforter and thick creamy pumpkin soup and browsing bookstores for hours because it is raining/snowing so hard any day ! I love winters and bundling up and feeling cold that you can’t feel your fingers and toesies !

I opened a letter today to process and this guy addressed our company as “dear people” and I laughed so hard at that as I haven’t come across anyone addressing in such a manner and when I sent this letter to the proper person to respond to his query, she replied me back and signed off as yours truly, “people” and it just made my day !

My boss was in the offices and it is such a pleasure to see him. I swear my IQ drops 20 points when I enter our building but when he is around it stabilizes. It’s such a joy to talk to someone who is smarter than I am and who contributes to my intelligence just by saying, nice to see you ! That would be my only regret not to be able to work with him as I think he would have been such a good mentor; and even though currently I am working on a couple of projects, like everything else, these projects will also end and I have to say goodbyes and tbh, goodbyes are nerve wracking. But one never knows the future and what thrills and chills it brings. Of course, there are few other intellectuals at my work who do promote my brain’s health; for eg., these boys I hang out with, we talk about stock markets and real estate investments.

At work I was saying my goodbyes to all the people I actually like and I told Spencer that though I leave, from time to time I am gonna come visit and check if my name is still on his wall and he promised that he is gonna laminate and make sure it doesn’t fade and tbh, my name is neatly printed and is very artistic and I am hugely pleased…

I was telling Goodnews girl that I couldn’t visit her home yesterday evening for dinner as I need to work out with Jack as I haven’t really met up with him forever and that he would get pissed with me if I don’t and she is like “oh, that’s the guy who is gonna live with us in our boxes, right: ?” And we both burst out laughing.

On Friday I was helping my colleague out with a presentation on Sahel region in Africa. I usually go to work with my hair pulled back and tied with a rubber band (as I have no patience to work on my hair) but due to my recent interviews re. jobs, I was taking pains to actually look presentable (I still haven’t bought the combs tho) by using blow dryer and straightener and everyone at work thought that I cut my hair and I am like no, same hair but I am less lazy now and everyone told me I should be less lazy from now on…. I am so far keeping my hair neat and combed, but no promises and I am actually itching to put my hair in a pony. I actually have plans to shave the back of my hair (I have wedge bob) and have either blue highlights or purple highlights and I am not doing any of that sort due to my interviews and in a teeny way my life sucks buckets… So this colleague comes to me to ask me to help her with her project and for five minutes she kept telling me how sexy I look with my hair and all and I am like… lets go and deal with the work and not talk about my looks for a bit…

She asked me to find some images for this region and to redo a map for her and also tells me to provide with a proper scripture as “you read the Bible and I know you will find me the proper verse for this situation”. I was mighty pleased as I never talked to her about my faith or have a Bible on my desk or anywhere near me and so I was secretly thrilled that she knew about my faith and more importantly that I love God. I did provide her with the scripture and the map and here it gets heavy. While I was looking up proper images for this region, I saw so many awful images of famine struck African region and my heart grew heavier and heavier.

I was especially deeply impacted by this one photo of a little boy who probably wasn’t even 6 years old and he was nothing but skin draped bones and my heart just stopped and I couldn’t stop crying. I still cry whenever that boy’s photo pops into my head and I am so helpless to do anything about this. I know there are lots of politics even if another country wants to help but it is not fair for these people. There got to be a way. I started drafting a letter to my church’s president to find out what we are doing as a church to help out these people because clearly these people don’t need Bibles or need or care to know about a God who died for their sins when they are struggling to not die. Sometimes evangelism can be in the form of food. My resolution to start non-profit org like my husband wanted only firmed, to help these countries like he wanted and God I can’t wait to do that and I swear I will die trying. I am reasonably intelligent and I am sure there must be a way to help these famine struck people in these regions. There must be !

People are dying everywhere of something as basic as food or lack there of and as someone said, we are more offended by swear words, middle fingers and political correctness than famine, war and environmental destruction. I know we would never achieve world peace or eradicate hunger but we can die trying !

#life is not all that rosey