Buy me a cup of coffee I tell you, and I am yours
Ambrosia, thick and black and dark like your soul
On the other side of this page I ache for you
You don’t know this because I haven’t told you
On your desk I left you petals of my heart
And watched you brush them aside

I haven’t learned to be brave or to stand naked
With my chin held up high and I look you in the eyes
It’s not gonna be easy I tell you, it’s not gonna be easy
To love me and to hold me

You get restless because I am a thunderstorm
Charging the air with negative ions
Whispering and scattering my name on the horizon
It’s not gonna be easy I tell you to hold me, to love me
Have you ever held a tornado or a typhoon
In the palm of your hand ?

I’ll peel my heart like a blood orange and
I’ll arrange the slices like a delicate flower
I’ll watch you eat the petals of my heart
And I’ll kiss your bloodied mouth
I will taste my agony and my ache

What flavor am I ?, I ask you
Am I vanilla or chocolate or a rocky road ?
You tell me I tasted like a hello
But you are wrong my dear and my darling
I taste like a goodbye
And I taste like a gentle reminder
That I’m molting & evolving and
That tomorrow is always a crisp new day

#for an imaginary boy #i love coffee more than i love you

#buy me a cup of coffee

#love is not what you think it is

#someone wanted a poem