Everything is up in the air but it is awesome…. I went through a wine-press, made myself into a very expensive wine, just the right amount of body and right amount kick and I linger on the lips of all the wine connoisseurs and I, I am no sommelier or even a wine drinker and in fact a complete tea-totaller, and here I am giving you something related to winology (yes I know it’s known as oenology)

After my work this evening, I had another interview and she begged me not to accept another position until I actually have an interview with the CEO of this company which I guess next week sometime.. I am like fine whateves and played it cool, but tbh, I am interested in this one as it’s a financial institution with almost a billion $$ revenue, with great salary and great chances of promotion. So go me !

Paula (my ex-boss) called me and left a message to talk to her tomorrow as she has an “idea” and she wants to discuss it with me and knowing her she is probably starting a business in Philly just so I can have a job. I will keep you updated tomorrow on that front.

Had dinner with Jack at this upscale Chinese Restaurant and I ordered some veggie rolls and asked him to bring some hot sauce for an appetizer; well I had veggie rice which was quite awesome; so when the rolls came, I dipped the roll in something mustardy and put it in my mouth and all the hell broke loose… OH.MA.GOD…. I thought I would die… it was so SPICY, I was sure the sauce was burning a hole in my mouth and that the roll would drop into my lap. As I said, it was an upscale restaurant and I was sitting there with this hot coal in my mouth and what seemed like an eternity, I removed it from my mouth (didn’t spit, proud of myself) and put it on my napkin and Jack was coolly telling me, well you asked for a hot sauce and I think it’s hot mustard and I was wondering why you were eating with so much sauce.. well thank you Jack !

I usually don’t do Chinese, or Italian or American cuisine for various reasons and I didn’t know about this lava sauce ! When I say hot sauce, I meant a very reasonable and mild sauce which doesn’t kill me… in fact, India is planning to divorce me as, I am not very spicy person and Indians are taking this as an insult.

Later on, when the check came, Jack had hard time looking at it as he never brings his glasses and I was making fun of him and he told me a story; once he had to deliver a eulogy for someone and he forgot his glasses and he was up at the podium and he was all dressed up in this nice black suit with no glasses… and all he could find was woman with very large woman’s glasses and he borrowed the same and I was ROFLing so hard as I am picturing him all posh and stuff wearing elaborate women’s glasses. Jack even though gay, is very masculine if that makes any sense and I think I may have mentioned before but he is actually bi rather than just gay.

For whatever reason, I am watching baseball and I understand nothing. I am thinking Cubs are winning as their number is at 6.

I keep forgetting to plug-in the promo for Hacksaw Ridge the movie, not because I like Mel Gibson, but the movie is about Desmond Doss who was a Seventh Day Adventist and this is what we Adventists are all about. We would rather suffer than compromise the word of God and I am actually thankful to God for leading me to this church and helping to solidify my resolve to be a Christian. But knowing that movies usually exaggerate and or sensationalize things, I also would ask you all to read the story of Desmond Doss and not just stay with the movie.

Baseball update: as I was writing this up, Indians tied the score and it is at 6-6 and I am thinking this is a good thing as they were all chest bumping each other.. is this a good thing ?

I am sitting cross legged on my bed and thinking if I should get up and make my bed. Our public transportation is still on strike which is really annoying for me as I am not moving that much and I feel I am putting on weight every time I sit cross legged. My cats on the other hand, are happy that I am not running out and their only challenge is to keep getting into my lap while I am working.

On the way to my ballet dance class, I took another route today on account it was a detour, and when I stopped at a red light, I saw mannequins dressed up like a gentleman and lady and I thought it was interesting as they were in the window of a free library and I read on the banner hanging outside and it was a James Bond gala and I am thinking of going as 007 ½ on account that I am a girl and I have two x chromosomes and so I don’t always wear my brains in my pant(ie)s.

I will write my adventures into my tomorrows. I don’t need a hero to build up my adventures and I won’t be needing rescuing or even wanting it. I will take my martinis shaken and stirred and I will throw them at Dr. Evil so I can grab his cat and make a run before everything explodes.

I have been exhausted for years now. I think I am going to rest soon. I have made it so far and I made it so far.

I am super smart (this one for you) and I am late night pancakes and home- made face packs. I will learn to be still and be unoccupied.

I am thinking this business of living is gonna be okay. I have been holding my breath in since 2004 and I am just about to exhale and break out of my shell and I will be free and work on all the plans which I have been wanting to work on. I just need to hang on a bit longer.

It’s gonna be okay this business of living.

#now breathe