It’s November and I am excited….. My annoying group who keeps chatting away on whatsapp were sharing this image and saying he is real.. and tho I was delighted to see this little guy on my phone screen, you can clearly see he is made of glass. How adorable is he and I really wish that he was for real and not a fake one from someone’s imagination;

Today is November 1 and the clocks are getting ready to be sent back in time and I am excited. I am ready to step around the spills. I will take the rain as it comes (on Thursday) and I will duck under the umbrellas of total strangers and brush lightly against the little fingers of men who are in a hurry.

I’m excited and it’s November… I am excited these days and my English sounds like crushed velvet as I speak with flame and crashing thunder.

This evening I interviewed with a very expensive sounding man (and why not he is the President) of this European company who has thick French accent and he said “you have French accent”… I dunno really. People often told me I have English accent. The other day one of my colleagues at work told me that I remind her of Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice and that I have an indian accent. I am actually surprised because no one ever told me that I have an indian accent but I accepted gladly and I told her I will wait for Mr. Darcy then.

People don’t even think that I am an Indian; they think I am Egyptian or middle eastern or this is my favorite, a Romanian gypsy… I want to wear those elaborate lehengas (skirts) and twirl and say cross my palm with a penny…

It’s November and I am getting ready to say goodbye. I wanted to cry and fidget but now I just want to walk on and on and away and away.

November is a reminder that I hear the footsteps that weren’t there; a reminder that there’s a kink in my neck from looking for you; a reminder that I ache for you (blue walls) with two flavours or may even be four. This is a reminder that I’ve kneeled and I bent and I kiss and I sigh and I reach and I reach some more.

It’s November and I am excited.. I hope you’re well ! You got this day and all other days but I know that if you don’t that’s okay too… I’m okay. Not rested and am tired and in some places of my life am hurting. But I’m blessed and I am ok.

I keep hearing about these asteroids which want to get closer and closer to earth… they represent me or I represent them.. I am the jagged rocks in the space. I’m beautiful as I was when I was in my mother’s womb. I was a little heart beat thinking I don’t want to be anything else but something terrible and be a most asteroid or storms… may be a shark even… why not name a storm after me ? May be I will become the storms.

It’s November and I am excited. This is not an end. This is welcome. This is a kiss me in the moonlight. This is spilling you from my red velvet lips. This is a read me in braille by tracing your fingers across my skin. This is hold me under your tongue and savor me. This is call me tomorrow or the next day or the next day….

It’s November and I am excited !!