Bless Him, the Alpha and the Omega, the great I AM. The Presence of Christ has shed glory on even the hard-to-bear parts of my life and God sustained me. Now as we rest in Him, remember all the good things He made possible this week and Bless Him because He is the Almighty,Sovereign God and our Creator, who bends down from His throne to listen to us when we talk to Him.

I am in awe of my loving Shepherd. His love for me draws me to Him. I can’t help but praise Him and be thankful for all that He has done for me.I Know He wants the best for me and so I trust Him.

It’s good to worship on Sabbath, the time God set aside for me to commune with Him and to get to know Him better.

Happy Sabbath, Sabbatharians and non-Sabbatharians and remember your Creator and your Redeemer.