“Good news” girl and I collaborated, and did this drawing on Friday when we met for a office meeting. At the meeting I was thinking I only come to this (I am optional, I don’t have to go) so I can sit with my friend and giggle for a bit. Oh I know we can have lunch etc., but I usually try and not take lunch breaks but occasionally I do meet up with her. The story behind this drawing stems from my uncertainty as to me sticking around in my current job for reasons and so I was telling her that (half serious like and half jokingly) that I may end up in a cardbox box and I will stay in that box with my cats and I probably pitch my box in front of art museum  or a library… and I was telling her that if she happens to pass by to make sure she would stop by and donate. She goes, I may end up staying with you in that box Shanthi and I am like, “can you bring your own box please” and she went “can’t you get a bigger box” and we searched on google to see if we could find bigger containers and we now have a contact.

When I met up Jack the other day for dinner, I was telling him about my box option, and he goes Shanthi, you have to make room for me as well LOL and so did my cousin (who has two kids) who said she would be joining me as well when I was talking about my box option.

So when we were in the office meeting on Friday, I told her how Jack and my cousin now want to join me in my box (already full with her & kitties); she and I decided I may need 5 cardboard boxes and she then drew me this pic (her contribution is in blue and mine in black ink). She gave me a grape head and I gave myself a book and coffee of course, and I drew in my three boxmates. My friend was generous and she gave my domicile steps made out of shoe boxes… 🙂

We lunched together later and she was telling me about a homeless guy “sean” she met the other day and his story is typical and sad. His business went under and his mother had health issues which further depleted his finances and now he lives with his mother in a subway tunnel. “Good news” girl explained to me how optimistic he seemed, in spite of the fact that his glasses were broken and were taped together so now they don’t have nose bridge; how his mother has kidney failure and is having some sort of federal funded treatment; how his Bible is torn and falling apart like his life and yet he said “it’s okay; I am okay”. She said that he is looking for a suit as he has an upcoming interview and I remembered watching on the news about this project where they loan you attire for interview purposes to these homeless people and we both looked up and we are gonna meet up with Sean next week and help him to get his clothes and then with his interview and may be just may be I will have good news to share with you all.

My friend and I started talking about how many homeless people we meet daily and we are now thinking of doing something about it. We are gonna start a program which we can organize and implement and which we both can handle. Like may be help one homeless person at a time; may be ask our friends and neighbors for gently used clothing so we could donate to homeless people to dress well when they go for interviews; may be coach them on interviews; may be teach them some computer skills; may be buy some Bibles to give out, even though I would rather feed them first and then give Bibles.

Honestly, Friday was the most exciting day of my life. I kept asking God, use me, use me, use me and now He led me to the right place where I met this girl and it made all the difference. She and I are thankful for each other; she was also telling me how bored she is with these meetings which I mentioned above and the only reason she comes there (she is optional as well) is because of me. I told her how much she means to me and that she is becoming a very important person in my life. If I can, with God’s grace, help one person to gather himself and to enable him to stand on his own, I’ll feel fulfilled and I would no longer feel useless. I’ll keep praying to God to empty me out and fill me up with His Spirit so I can be of use.

All this time I thought this is how I am gonna serve God by doing this project which was the dream of my boy who doesn’t exist. And which I haven’t launched yet which was really important to me and somedays I get frustrated but things are not in my control. The boy who doesn’t exist anymore, was a genius and a brilliant chemist and he wanted to find a cheap cure to malaria so that the poor countries and third world countries especially in Africa can benefit. Well, he no longer exists and I want to do this research project and I have his friends (scientists) who admire him as much as I do, all lined up to do this with me and are just waiting for me to give the green light and I am frustrated because I want to settle and well, I am not settled yet. Somedays I scream and scream inside my head but I’ve learned and am learning to trust God and to lean on Him for my guidance.  While I am waiting, I will continue to wrestle with Him and pray and I’ll wrestle and pray some more and submit Him my requests day and night.

But may be God wants me to understand certain aspects of life and He wants me to be ready for something He has prepared for me.

There was a very nice song by Toure Kunda (senagalese singers) named S.D.F/homeless and unfortunately I can’t find a link to that song anywhere. S.D.F. stands sans domicile fixe which means without a fixed address aka homeless. I came to know this band as I love salsa dancing and one time I was looking for salsa music on youtube to dance to and this came up and this was really great to dance music.  (link to Rapada by Toure Kunda –

Enjoy the music and goodnight kittens !!