Tonight, there is a beautiful super moon rising and I feel I should say something wacky like “I yodel for Jesus” (Mary and Max reference)

Some days I want to feel the world with my hands, and not with my head….

My today’s Reasons God exists list includes: Drag racing with my friend Roberto last night and doing almost 160 mph on my lexus boy (I’m impressed with my car that it handled that speed quite well), enjoyed a (almost) full moon on a very clear sky, cool & pleasant air, getting a thorough massage after my speeding adventure, spending Sabbath afternoon with my cousin & singing along to Christian music (esp Chris Rice, Matt Smith), having a hot cup of coffee at 11:30 p.m., cuddling my kitties, my mustard yellow pullover, ODing on Pascal Obispo…

All the while I was racing my car, I kept thinking about this song and it kind of sucks to have instrumental classical music stuck in your brain. You can’t even sing it. You just awkwardly hum things that weren’t meant for voice

Maksim Mrvica -Croatian Rhapsody

The ache of wanting to sing something and not having the right words…… curses…

So as yours truly came home late last night (3 a.m.), she woke up late (7 a.m.) to find her very spoiled rotten, cats staring impatiently at her… I got up and my kitties angrily swished their little bums at me as they marched me downstairs to the kitchen so I can give them their breakfast.

Last Sunday my ex-boss Paula called to talk to me about a project and she needed my help and during the convo I told her that my mum had passed. On Monday Paula (she is the president and CEO) and the company’s general counsel (very expensive attorney) came to Philly from NYC, to take me out for dinner and Philly’s most powerful attorney (I kid you not) also joined and Paula hugged and hugged and we were nostalgic and reminisced all our past days and we had fun. So today she and I started working together on this project and I am now composing a business proposal so we can present it to a venture capital firm and I am excited to work  on this project with Paula again.

When we took a lunch break she talked to me about my current job situation and advised me on it and then she goes: Shanthi, I see you got no life… are you even dating or going to parties or even movies and she went into this lengthy lecture about my dating life…. I just adore this woman.

Currently, I am running around my house, White Rabbit style, washing my bed sheets, vacuuming, trying to dry my body and my hair and dancing to the Pixies and trying to absorb the materials for this project which I need to submit by the end of next week and I need another coffee…. But I can’t cause its f@#$ing late already and oh oh oh, I want to go for a drive very badly on kelly drive just to feel the cold air hit my face & make me feel alive…

La dee daa……… it’s already 8 p.m. and I have dinner plans with my friend Jack who finally came home after wandering all around the US looking for a suitable school for his son. He kept texting all these 3 weeks how he missed me and that we need to get into gym at once and work out. I have been working out regularly (well somewhat regularly) but what with cakes & other eatables which constantly beckon me at my work place and I’ve no self-control now a days as I am moping around for this boy who likes blue walls and black cars and he is mad at me (and I sort of like him), and I AM EATING BAD and I know I’ll get into huge trouble with my trainer as I haven’t been working out with him since my mum’s passing. I think it’s only fair when I mope around for my lost love and eat rubbish, the weight gain should pass on to the object of my affection and that he should put on the weight…

…l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stele

Well, ciao me lovelies and, and…if I experience something juicy I’ll pass it on….