God is fighting for us ! for me !

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14

My friend “good news” girl told me today…”Shanthi, you shine brighter than the sun” and I am thinking of adopting her as she is good for my ego 🙂 but honestly, she keeps me sane and makes me look forward to the day ahead and there are a few other people too which keep me motivated to smile.

I had a huge rant prepared regarding my work problems while I was coming home and when I am home I just started preparing for the Sabbath and peace came into me and I just left my headaches. It’s Sabbath time and I’m spending my time with the love of my life, Jesus and I think only the best things which God granted me and gifted me and I am gonna leave my life to Him to sort it out.

Sometimes we want things which may not be good for us and I am slowly learning to listen to Him when He speaks and so… my heart is heavy as I made a decision and I’m not okay but it has to do. I never compromise the values I have for myself and I expect the same from the others as well.

I need only to be still. God wants me to put in effort, yes, and He wants that effort to be focused on trusting Him and relying on Him in all seasons of life. I should be encouraged that He fights my battles for me and praise the Lord, He already won. I get exhausted from fighting battles so much, and I forget that it is already won. I just need to realize that my battle is won even in the midst of it happening, I can rest and be encouraged that only good will come of it because my God has won all my battles. No matter what life presents me with, I am encouraged that I am in the Victor’s hand.

So the most important thing in life, and the only important thing, is being right with God in our lives.

The secret to true joy, for our hearts to wildly rejoice despite the hardships, disappointments, getting knocked down, is to seek Him. And that’s the challenge: to seek Him.

The gifts of God are always there : restoration redemption reconciliation joy peace love and as the recipients of these gifts, whether we choose to live with these gifts or not is our decision.

Every day I’m met with distractions, each day my heart and mind get pulled in many directions. Some days they’re louder than the still, small Voice and often, they win.

Yet I am called to be holy just as He is holy. Holy, dedicated, sanctified and set apart.

I would much rather spend my days in the valley of the shadow of death, fighting my way towards Him than compromise and conform to the world and never struggling and therefore never being conformed to His likeness. He makes me brave !

What a joy it would be to be known by Him, like King David, as a man (in my case a woman) after His own heart. And to hear Him say, “well done, my good and faithful servant” in the end.

And to see my Savior’s face !

Anyone can shine in the light… but to shine when it’s dark, takes His doing and His mastery and I’ll shine even when I go through the valley of shadow of death because He walks with me !