I was at an event tonight and as usual I ran late and I was at a parking place to park my car and there was this Asian guy who couldn’t figure out how to work the machine and I was jumping up and down (literally) as I was getting late and all the passersby were looking and I looked cute in my gorgeous electric blue dress and there was this lady and she was like let me try and she did and she got it worked and I then paid as well and we figured out that we both are going to the same event and in fact I actually emailed her boss and so we both ran to go to Philly Convention Center together. Nothing bonds people like running to catch the same event. We both sat together and giggled throughout the event and we Oohed and Awwed at the film. After that we decided we will go hangout (new besties) and we thought we will go to Midnight Confessions.

Wrong addresses and fresh encounters.  I bumped into this guy literally, and he was all smiles with his blue eyes and twinkling and I apologized and we were talking and he asked me what I was doing tonight and you could’ve sworn he wanted to go out for drinks or something of the sort. He is French and a business man, and I asked him if he wanted to change the skyline (How I Met Your Mother reference) and he got the reference and it just made me the happiest plum. Oh, how things work out in beautiful ways. It made my night, in a way. I don’t know how to explain that feeling of chance encounters. I don’t know how to explain that this needed to happen this night, when I needed a miracle the most. I don’t know how I can do justice to that kind of moment. Anyway, he gave me his phone no and I am not sure if I should call but, hmmm you never know….

Some days I would like to be Madame Bovary and not Miss Havisham 🙂 😛

October is kind to me like yesterday, I was so tired after this meeting we had… oh let me briefly update you on this meeting. I met some nicest people who genuinely enjoyed talking to me and vice versa and one of the guests actually emailed me today to thank me and tell me that it was so nice to talk to me and that I should come visit (another country) and why not, let me just make my passport.

Last night I went to do my shopping for my kids and me. At the check out of the Giant, the cashier asked me how are you and I said I am well and how are you ? and he went, oh I am just fine as I am living my dream and it made my sleepy brain alert and I looked at him and I said you are in school aren’t you ? (he was just a boy may be 17) and he’s like yes I am and he rolled his eyes and said, you bet I am in school as I don’t think I want to be doing this forever and I laughed and I said even though this is your dream job and we both laughed. I told him study well and be something and work hard… we bonded there !

From there I went to PetSmart to get my babies their food and it was almost closing time and right in front of me there was this one customer who made like 15 purchase of $7 because of some kind of deal or whatever and it took all my strength not to scream. And I told the cashier what’s with you and me that we go through this every time I am here shopping (this sort of thing happened to us like two times before) and that she has immense patience and she is like what can I do and thank you for being so nice about it and not being nasty; I told her it’s not her fault. She said at least I am ending my night on a right note as you are my last customer and you always have a smile.

And I saved the best bit for last…..

I’m a librarian (eeep) and I’ll be cataloguing…

I’m planning to wear neckhigh blouses, wear a pencil skirt and put my hair up in a bun and of course I already got glasses… and I would look a proper librarian 🙂 Today is the best day of my entire life. Not sure if I reported this elsewhere, but my really really best boss on the entire planet threw me a lifeline and made me the happiest person in the universe. I AM GOING TO WORK WITH BOOKS AND THINGS RELATED TO BOOKS and I am as happy as a kitten with cream, and yarn and all kinds of toys…. And today I went and brought them all down and put them in a room and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I got the library carts and carefully cleaned the dust off of them and loaded the books and these are like really really ancient and some from 1400s ! and you have no idea what this means to meeeeee….

I get to inhale the air which passes over them and I get to cradle them and caress them and touch them and (my boss doesn’t realize it yet but this project will take a LONG time as I am going to read them and absorb them and huh 🙂 !!) I’m HAPPY and BLISSFUL and CONTENT….

I emailed my friend the “good news” girl with a subject: “once there was a cart” and in the body, I wrote “which will go rolling by you…. “ as I have to go past her. And she replied : “and I see my favorite person with a very bright smile rolling the cart….”

Honestly, I had a brilliant smile on my face all the while I was doing this, as I was just happy happy while handling the books and it was a job I would never get tired of.

And alas, sadly my Summer of reading is coming to an end. Books have saved me & I will be forever grateful for their services. Thank you for transporting me to new worlds, sometimes filled with magic and many others with endless possibilities. Thank you Jean-Paul Sartre, Camus, D.H. Lawrence (I love him), Sylvia Plath, Dante, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, J.K. Rowling (don’t judge me !), Douglas Adams, Jonathan Safran Foer, Franzen, John Green, Murakami, Dostoyevsky & others.. and I am on my last book of the summer Andy Weir’s “the Martian”. And as for many others I haven’t read yet, I’ll see you soon…

I have so many more things to tell you all but I am sleepy and so I am going beddy bye…

So kisses kittens !