This is a selfie taken by my kitty boy Horus while I was doing the Sabbath devotional yesterday night; I saw him repeatedly pressing my laptop button and I was thinking what did he wreck on my computer and when I checked, I saw a series of our photos… this is a sample and while I am tempted to influx my blog with all these selfies, they are a little bit racy.. me thinks…

Well, it’s October…it’s overcast and rainy…it’s cold enough to wear a hoodie…I have reasons to have hot coffee…I am finally at full power.

I am half naked in my bed and drinking hot chocolate and it’s raining outside and this feels real ! this is as real as it gets as far as I am concerned. I am a body in motion. I’m a body dancing and swaying and eating and drinking and hurting. Not a statue or a painting, all sprawled over a bed, body stretched thin and soft. I’m here and my body is magnificent, all sparkly and shiny. I’m magic when I move. I’m magic when I dance, arms wild and outstretched, hair shaking around my gorgeous head. My cheeks became shiny with a little sweat from all of the movement. I’m captivating and alive and alluring, living my life and enjoying the night. That’s what happens when one feels alive. That’s how this night will go down in the books. Pictures and videos, too. I’m in it. I danced. Glorious and full and so, so beautiful.

Today was just a glorious Sabbath…. I sat with the young girls as they were presenting some skit on Samson and I was providing support. A young girl brought some cough drops and offered me one when I coughed and I took it and put it in my mouth and immediately spat it out…. It tasted awful and ugly and nasty ! I neatly packed it in a tissue and shoved it in my purse. The girls and I had a hard time controlling our giggles as pastor was directly looking at us.  And then, one of the members sitting in the row in front of us started coughing and this girl offered him the cough drops and he put it in his mouth and we were staring at him to see if he would spit it out and then one of the girls started giggling softly and we all soon caught on and we had to evacuate in a hurry and went all the way into parking lot to laugh.

The skit was a huge success. During one of the scenes, a boy who was acting as one of the philistine partiers got carried away and started dancing a bit too much and the youth leader piped in and said “not too much dancing now… we are in Church and we are still in God’s presence” and everybody laughed but I just admired my church’s youth and their reverence to God. These kids are taught right & teaching about honoring God is very important !

I have seen many times and in various places, where people don’t respect the presence of God or believe that God is present; while prayer is going on people keep moving and walking and doing what they want. While someone is praying, we all were taught to stand still and bow down no matter what you were doing and just not move as God is present ! Also, prayer is actually talking to the Almighty King and so it is rude to the nth degree to behave improperly and somedays I just feel like slapping people and say, get some manners… Recently, an incident happened which is quite hilarious really but it drives in the point. We were having a meeting via video and this guy was praying but he muted and so we can’t hear him and I bowed down and closed my eyes because he was praying and I was telling God how would I know when he says amen as I can’t see him and can’t hear him and in the meanwhile the rest of the group was trying to attract his attention but somehow they all said amen and so I haven’t fallen asleep but God & I had a chuckle about this.

After Sabbath, I went to my cousin’s as it’s my niece’s birthday and she (the 5 yr old) invited me to a princess tea ceremony which got dragged into a three hour ceremony with an hour and half allocated to temper tantrum as this girl wanted everyone to close their eyes and one of the little girls didn’t want to anymore as we had our eyes closed over half an hour and she got tired of it but my niece got upset as she wanted this tea ceremony a surprise. The tea was indeed a surprise as instead of sugar in the water, my niece put salt ! so for the second time today, I found myself spitting out stuff in an unlady like manner…. Thank God for the pocket tissues which covers all kinds of follies…

My cousin and I went to a pizzeria and I asked her if she called ahead and ordered… I don’t eat pizza as a rule (too many calories) and so I don’t usually order but I know people generally order ahead and stuff. She said no we don’t have to as we are going to a pizzeria and they already have made ones and so we don’t have to wait and I thought well this area pizzerias, may do things differently from where I live or in Philadelphia. So we went and the lady took the order and we sat for 30 minutes for two large pizzas and all the while she and I were giggling trying to figure out why she thought there would be ready made pizzas just waiting for customers to walk in and to get handed over to them. My tummy was in stitches..

Life is beautiful when you actually let it in. Around me the world is pulsing and oh yes, there is ugliness in people and they wreck the scenery for you but I think we should look past this murky areas and brush them away and repaint them with something beautiful. Everyone is heading somewhere in a hurry instead of always being at the place they wanted to get at.

Recently I walked past a boy who was sitting underneath a streetlight, dreadlocks and hat over his eyes but he was reading a book about geology and he had a sign saying he is homeless and he needs money but the sign fell over but he didn’t care he just was smiling into his book and all I wanted to do was sit with him and smile into his book as well; may be he was reading about the tectonic plates or lava; I reached into my purse and gave him my change and we smiled at each other when he looked up; I wanted to tell him, I would be writing a hundred poems about him and that I could be part of that book as well as the tectonic plates in my life are shifting and volcanoes are erupting; and that when I kiss a mountain for the first time with my open full mouth, I will be thinking of him.