I was listening to La Damnation de Faust by Berlioz.  I especially love Berlioz’s arrangement. He changes music so much its like he’s capturing the essence of hell ….

From Berlioz, I listened to Miserere Mei Deus (Gregorio Allegri) sung by the Choir New College of Oxford. It just went into my soul and split it apart. So magnificent and so majestic… In case you don’t know what this is, it is Psalm 51 in Latin. It brings me down onto my knees and makes me cry… and this choir is superb in their performance.

(here I may also need to talk about another song which I love and which has nothing to do with Psalms or God for that matter… umm, maybe it depends on your point of view. But miserere mei performed by the Myriads is how I would describe myself if I have to simmer me down into musical notes… that would be me…. Utter chaos and yet makes perfect sense. I feel I am on cloud nine)

Another piece I must mention here is the superb performance of Emily Llamas on Hannibal (TV show) episode Sorbet, singing piangerò la sorte mia from Giulio Cesare by Handel where, Cleopatra, waiting for death, literally lamenting her fate and promising to haunt her enemies as a ghost. This was not only a great and majestic performance but it also moves you to tears with the harpsichord and the singing and the emotion is deep and eternal.  Mads Mikkelsen is super sexy in this show and every scene he was in was an art piece and if you thought Sir Anthony Hopkins was superb, Mads was brilliant…  Goosebumps !!

Speaking of operas I must admit that I own all the operas by Maria Callas (audio)and I am proud of them. I don’t waste money on jewelry but I do on symphonies and operas.

I got interested in classical music because of Morse as in Inspector Morse (played by John Thaw) and I love him for it and just so you know, I am not infatuated with Wagner as Morse was. I actually tried but he doesn’t strum my heart like some of the other composers do. I have many loves in classical musique but not Wagner… Sorry Morse (Endeavour) ! I love you all the same.

I watch BBC a lot and I love murder mysteries and I read all Christie and Poirot taught me a lot about studying people. Speaking of Christie, after I got out of the trolley this evening, I was walking to my car, when a old lady asked me where the library was. I kid you not she looked like Miss Marple and the fact that she was looking for library was a bit creepy I thought (Body in the Library). For me Joan Hickson would always be Miss Marple and I loved her. If any of you is wondering who Miss Marple is, you must immediately get off the internet and find your way to a local library and borrow Agatha Christie’s books. You have no idea what you are missing.

At work, I am going to work on a book and putting it together, and gather the images by gathering information and you have no idea, how happy that particular project makes me. My boss laughed when I told him that I am going to buy gloves so I won’t leave my fingerprints on the book. But it’s so true… the images are so beautiful and they are somebody’s artwork. They spent a lot of time on it and yes, it’s a reproduction but still…..

I wish I could get a job at a bookstore…Hi, my name is Shanthi and I love books more than I could ever ever articulate. I’d treat them with care & I would love to suggest books to people. Whenever I go into a book store there are these sour looking girls who have no clue about the job and they don’t even appreciate their jobs… its so not fair, they get to live and breathe that atmosphere for hours & here I am, craving, lusting & passionate…..

Books, books, books. Feel like immersing myself in them. Crawl between the lines and go to sleep under a T and cover myself with words as a comfort(er).  All these letters coming together in a wondrous art. Making me fly, and making me escape into another universe; escape from myself; love these black little characters on a white background.

Wish I worked in the biggest bookstore ever with a little corner for antiques. There will be books, a lot of them, lots of them, stacked up upon each other, just waiting for someone to touch them and make them to come alive. And I will serve tea or coffee, many flavors of wonderful tea… the place will be filled with a cozy aroma that draws you in, keeps you safe but never wants to let you out.

I’m a cute little bookworm, I want to dedicate my life to the written word. I want to excel in everything, and be perfect.. I want to have quotes for every occasion, and I want good humor, gentle seduction, intense passion and quiet affection.