I was reading Genesis starting at chapter 16 and about the story of Ishmael, about how Abraham and Sarah wouldn’t wait for God’s plans, about how sometimes we try and hurry God’s plans for us and how we make mistakes the same way Abraham and Sarah made mistakes. “Abraham had accepted without question the promise of a son, but he did not wait for God to fulfill His word in His own time and way. A delay was permitted, to test his faith in the power of God; but he failed to endure the trial.” Ellen G White, Patriarchs and Prophets, pp 145

It is easy for us to accept God’s promises, but the ‘waiting’ part (that often precedes the arrival of these promises) is where I usually find myself wanting and struggling. I know I’m going to receive blessings from God but I end up becoming impatient. Instead of groaning, complaining, pacing and tapping my feet on the floor of impatience, I should strive to, in advance, and in faith, express my sincere gratitude for what’s yet to come (even though I may not know what’s coming). After all, it is God that is ‘all-knowing’, not me.

Whenever I find myself becoming restless and impatient, I go back to this chapter as I find it very humbling and serves me as a little reminder. I often desire to speed up the pace of life or fast forward to a certain point in life; but God permits me to go through slow-paced days in my life to teach and remind me that waiting on Him is not a curse but a privilege !  And there are days I want to scream. By placing me in seasons of waiting, He is allowing me to see, learn and experience things in ‘microspect’. He wants to teach me that by quickly browsing through there are details which I may overlook.

I have to time and again remember and remind myself that no matter how difficult waiting becomes, I can be assured that when God is the One I’m waiting on, I’m not waiting in vain. And that while I wait, my God teaches, guides, purifies, strengthens, equips, encourages, motivates, comforts and loves me. He even reveals Himself to me ! As someone said, God doesn’t let us wait empty-handed, but He holds our hands while we wait !

God also waits for the right time to bless us. That’s putting it in our human time. He keeps us waiting because there are things He wants us to learn and He teaches us things either about us or others or us in relation to other. In order to understand and fully appreciate His blessings, we are given an opportunity to deepen our dependence on God, strengthen our faith, and refine our character.

I learnt and learning this still as I continue to wait…. I continue to become impatient and I continue to struggle with God and I lean more and more on Him as if to remind Him of my existence. But I’m growing and growing strong and God is showing me His ways and He is making my paths straighter and He is on my side.

In my limited understanding, all I know about God is, “God is love” 1 John 4:8 and love pursues the object of its affection and it is blind to faults, love perseveres, and love never fails. In my relationship with God, whether I am fully in that relationship or not, He pursued and pursues me; He pursues me out of love because it is His nature. God’s motivation is always love. He reveals His loving character to us when He stripped Himself of all His power and became Christ the sacrifice. I can’t wrap my mind around this and I just can’t understand why He would pursue me so fervently, so lovingly and so jealously as I have nothing good in me and I’m the worst of all creation. But He loves me and pursues me because that’s who He is.

And I am learning that waiting on God is a privilege as my relationship with Him is growing and I care for nothing else and I care for no one else. As I keep going through many seasons of waiting, I keep asking God to refine me with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ so that I may be worthy to receive His blessings because they are coming and they are custom made, chosen and reserved just for me !

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