Well, I’m no teenager but I see myself as a teenager in my Christian growth cycle… “Rebellious, utterly spoiled, throwing temper tantrums…:)”. But lately I’ve been growing up, maturing thanks to Him who has been teaching with immense patience and stabilizing my feet in His paths. (Psalms 25:4)

I’ve been realizing lately that a very distinct pattern emerging from my interactions with God. I keep asking Him to clarify my situation I currently find myself in, so I would know what to do and He replies, very promptly, with verse after verse like “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him”. Psalms 34:8. “….for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” Isaiah 46:9-10.   He keeps telling me that He IS on the throne and He IS in control. My natural instinct is my need to know what is going to happen. But He keeps reminding me that my ACTUAL need is to REMEMBER Who my Lord God is and that He is Almighty for a reason.

This morning I was running late as for the past few days my two of kitty boys (sonu & minnu) have been waking me up at 2:30 in the morning by playing on or near my sleeping body. Once I’m up, it takes me ages to go back to sleep & I twist & turn, counting numerous sheep, making friends with them & when I finally start to fall asleep its usually time to wake up & it’s not a desired state to be in as my brain is not happy being zombified & it wants me to let it sleep but I must get off the bed & get ready to go to work. So this morning I actually went back to sleep & when I woke up it was very late, and I hurriedly finished all the required tasks & left home to catch my train & I wasn’t very happy as I didn’t worship as I ran out of time.

So I had worship songs blasting in the car on the way to train station & I’m happily singing along & telling God how sorry I’m that I couldn’t worship and I was silently talking to God & plotting how to punish my boys when I get back home. When I sing along I usually have my hand(s) raised in worship mode and this caught the attention of fellow travelers on the road and it amused me as I found them looking at me intensely.

Today I’ve a reason, may be, to run late & out of my house without worshiping my redeemer. But it’s super easy to get distracted; and to get through a busy day and realize we actually forgot to commune with the most important person in our life, and the reason for us to breathe, Jesus.

“Let’s talk to our King” is how my favorite pastor Dr. Leslie Harding used to say as opposed to “lets pray”. Worship should be the center of our lives. He deserves more than our left over time. He deserves more than our half-hearted prayers. He deserves to be heard. He is the God of ALL. And He desires more than just our words.

My mum made sure that we had family worship at least once a day. Every morning, when we were children, my parents would come into our room, while we were still fast asleep, sit near our heads & start singing hymns. Imagine if you will, someone singing loudly near your very sleepy brain ! It would take them a few hymns for all of me & my siblings to get up & find ourselves on our knees but we did, usually groaning & complaining, but we were on our knees or else the hymns would never end. Once the worship is done we are allowed to go back to bed, but it’s useless as we had to get up & get ready for school. During evening worship service, everyone in my family must pray and my mother would pray last. My mum’s night time prayers are longer than morning prayers. She would pray about all the million relatives, world leaders, hungry people, sick people, and so on so forth and you get the gist and if anybody she knew was sick or something, she would go into many details. I remember one time, I actually fell asleep during one of her prayers & I even had a dream.

I get it. I get it why we must pray to God. But we also must remember that we just don’t go to Him with our wants & needs. We must also remember to thank Him. We also need to praise Him and Bless His mighty name. I love the way David praises Him.

I recently read on my facebook newsfeed how a ten year boy sang God’s praises when he was kidnapped & wouldn’t stop even when his abductor told him to shut up. He sang for 3 hours straights and the kidnapper got fed up and left him somewhere. What a courageous little boy ! and what a tangible evidence to his parents of how they raised him !

I find it very surprising when Christian families don’t have a regular family worship. Some people tell me they have individual worship time ie reading Bible & praying but no family worship. And they have children ! Individual worship is important but family worship is more so especially if you have kids. How are your children going to have that special relationship with Jesus if as parents you don’t teach them ? I can actually tell by the way kids behave during church or family get-togethers. It is important, I think, for parents to instruct their children how to conduct themselves in the presence of Jesus. Teach them to kneel. Teach them to be silent & reverent in His temple. Teach them to thank God for their meals. Teach them to breathe in His Words which would light up their path when they get lost in this world.

I always tether my brain to God no matter what I am doing, but I do have a regular family worship morning and night. And my family is my cats !

In the morning, I’m almost running, from the moment I wake up; brew coffee, feed babies, conduct ablutions, run downstairs to find the kids who needed their daily medications, run back up, get dressed, run downstairs get coffee, get oatmeal, get back into the living room, grab hymnal, grab Bible and yell “Kids, Worship Time”…. And all my kids come & settle themselves near me on chairs or on the floor.

It is very important for me to thank my Lord and Savior for keeping us safe in His arms through the night & giving us another day to Bless His name. And it is very important to me to acknowledge that He kept my kids & me in good health. And it is important for me to plead with my Creator and my cats’ Creator to continue to keep us as the apple of His eyes. I know, He who calls the stars by their names is in no danger to forget our names. (Psalms 147:4), but it is our duty and purpose of our lives to humble ourselves before our God & bless His name.

Here’s something which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and it is worth remembering. “Life is good right now, God is good. God is still good, even though life is not…. “(idk whose quote this is). So my dear reader, let’s always remember to include God in our family and talk to our King.