I usually tape the programs i find interesting & which are airing during Sabbath hours (friday sunset to saturday sunset) so I can watch them after Sabbath.  So I tivod Diane Sawyer’s interview with Jaycee Dugard. She was a young girl when she got kidnapped and was in captivity for 18 years. This interview was hard for me to watch. Absolutely gut wrenching and even when she was smiling.

It was especially touchy for me as a few days before i watched the movie “Room” by Lenny Abrahamson and I urge anyone who hasn’t watched it to go watch. For the first 10 or 15 mins of the movie, i was like ok if this thing continues in this manner, i don’t think i want to watch it anymore but as i’ve major OCD issues i know i have to complete this movie… so i persisted and i was mesmerized by the dialogues between mum and child & i was trying to figure out what the movie was about…. you know the movie has a story but no context so it’s like a detective game & i was so off. And then suddenly the tone of the movie changes & you know what this movie is about & it feels like someone kicked you hard in your gut when you are feeling secure & not paying  least bit of attention to what’s happening.  And needless to say, i cried  A LOT and i don’t want to give the plot away for the people who haven’t watched… like Dr. River Song says… “Spoilers”

When we see things like this, it is very human to say where is God in this. My atheist friend Jack, here let me pause & introduce a strange phenomenon in my life. I attract atheists like a moth to a flame. They can’t stay away from me. I have a friend Chad (also molecular biologist & we were at Drexel Med School doing the ph.d. program) & he tells me that i became a molbio scientist just to make fun of evolution. It was very sweet of him to say this to me but i studied sciences as they affirmed how great our God the Creator is ! Anyway before i go into different tangent, Jack says that i shouldn’t pray to God about silly things as i often tell him that i’m going to pray to God about an inane issue like my ability to lift weights, etc. when there are countless children dying somewhere of starvation. I agree with him but i also told him that God is omnipotent… if He were limited in His powers like humans, He wouldn’t be God. I know God is aware of the suffering of innocent children or animals & i know He is going to make it right. But as we are humans, with limited patience & if any of you are like me, wanting to have instant gratification want something to be done like right now… Anyway, here is one of my weaknesses which i’m working on… being impatient… & learning to wait for God’s time.